Why Breweries Need Surface Solutions USA

While all industries that can benefit from better industrial flooring solutions, breweries sit near the top of the list. So, how can your brewery or micro-brewery benefit from Surface Solutions USA flooring?

The brewery industry is an exploding market. From Anheuser Busch down to the brand new startup micro-brewery, the need for industrial flooring solutions that work are at an all-time high.

Our unique TurnKey Warranty is a single-source warranty that covers not only our material, but also our workmanship. With such strict regulations and standards in the food and beverage industries, we promise our flooring will pass inspections of any kind.

At Surface Solutions USA, we offer a seamless monolithic flooring solution, which helps prevent situations such as bacteria, listeria or salmonella that tend to grow in the grout joints of quarry tile or acid brick floors. Our seamless urethane concrete system is one of a kind, helping to prevent these types of situations.

Surface Solutions is a 2017 BASF Master Ucrete Contractor, our sixth consecutive year being named a Master Contractor. Breweries are a big reason for the Ucrete Master Status, developed for wet environments where impact and chemical attack are a daily occurrence.

In need of a new, seamless flooring solution for your brewery, micro-brewery or other food-service related industry? Contact us today for more information about what Surface Solutions USA can do for your company!