Flooring And Safety

Whether you own a bakery, a meat and/or fish processing facility, or a dairy plant. Your employees are the number one asset to your company.

So shouldn’t you protect them?

Not only do all food and beverage processing facilities require flooring solutions that adhere to strict FDA and USDA regulations, but they’re also responsible for the health and well-being of their employees while on the job.

With Surface Solutions USA, not only do we provide flooring solutions that adhere to all of the strict FDA and USDA guidelines, but we also help to protect your employees.

Surface Solutions uses heavy-duty floor coatings with added hygiene protection, and a high-grade texture to help prevent your employees from slipping, tripping or falling on the job. Not only are these flooring solutions safe for your employees, they also are made to withstand aggressive cleaning methods, as well as a variety of liquids and caustic chemicals.

To learn more about what surface solutions USA can do for your food and beverage industry, and to help keep your employees safe, click here.