How To Know When You Need New Flooring Solutions

So you’ve had your current flooring for a good amount of time. Sometimes, the decision of whether or not you’re in need of new industrial flooring solutions is a difficult one. We’re here to help.

One of the first signs of needing new industrial flooring solutions relates to safety. Whether it’s trip hazards, your floor is cracking or peeling, or sometimes even there’s quite literally a pothole in your flooring. In the food and beverage industry, these types of hazards can create breeding grounds for bacteria, salmonella, etc.

These safety hazards, no matter the industry, can also pose serious risks to your greatest asset: your employees. Chemical wash-downs happen frequently and can cause slips or falls, injuring your employees (and in the end, costing you a lot more than just re-surfacing your floors).

A lot of times, these are cause by failed epoxy solutions. That is why we offer seamless urethane concrete solutions with warrants that last much longer for one reason: they work.

With our TurnKey Warranty, which is a single-source warranty, we cover not only the materials in the flooring, but our workmanship behind the work as well.

Want to know more about urethane concrete flooring and other industrial flooring solutions for your business? Contact us today!