Presidential Flooring Solutions

The President of the United States holds arguably the most important position in the entire world. Air Force One, the President’s private means of air transportation, is arguably one of the most important aircraft in the entire world as well. This means the flooring with which this aircraft rests on is vital, as it must be kept to high standards of the highest public office in the United States.

On the floor of Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, Air Force One sits on a Surface Solutions USA manufactured epoxy coated flooring in a Boeing aircraft hangar. This unique industrial flooring solution was created specifically to handle the weight and size of the President’s Air Force One.

Industrial flooring solutions good enough for the President of the United States!

There are only 15 BASF Master Contractors in the entire United States, and Surface Solutions USA is one of the. This prestigious award is something that this company has earned, something that defines our company and our crew.

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