Searching for the Wrong Floor: Food Grade Epoxy Flooring

While “food grade epoxy flooring” might sound exactly like what you’re looking for in your food or beverage manufacturing plant, many people are looking for the wrong type of industrial flooring solutions in the right places. So, if you’re not looking for food grade epoxy, then what should you be looking for?

The best type of industrial flooring solutions for food and beverage manufacturers must include food safe coatings, providing seamless flooring options that are either FDA and/or USDA approved flooring solutions.

Surface Solutions USA’s food safe flooring provides a seamless urethane concrete system, which not only keep your floors clean and inspection ready, but reduce the opportunity for growth of bacteria, such as listeria and salmonella, that tend to thrive in the grout joins of epoxy floorings.

Not only does Surface Solutions provide these seamless industrial flooring solutions, we also promise that our flooring solutions will meet the key FDA and USDA regulations, keeping your flooring solutions clean and inspection ready.

At Surface Solutions, our #1 priority is to create these food safe industrial flooring solutions that will not only pass these inspections, but will maintain themselvess and retain their high quality standards.

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