Garage Floor Kit – High Build Epoxy

SS707LVP is created for applications where a primer (high solids) is required before application of a high or 100% solids topcoat over concrete. Product is a two part colored epoxy coating.

Price: $156.00

Pigmented Epoxy Body Coat, Top Coat

SS707 is a 2 part colored epoxy coating created for environments in which an impact resistant non-fading flooring surface is required.

Price: $156.00

Garage Floor Kit – Water Based

A water based epoxy floor coating which is environmentally friendly and easy to apply.

Price: $184.00

High Performance Urethane Topcoat

SS321 is a two part (polyester/aliphatic polyurethane) floor sealer with excellent performance for chemical resistance, flexibility, resistance to abrasion, UV stability and weathering.

Price: $189.00

Patch Kit

SS110 is a 3 part epoxy mortar created for environments which require high levels of strength and resistance to wear.

Price: $184.00

SS830 Joint Sealant

SS830 is a high performing joint sealant for industrial concrete flooring surfaces.

Price: $224.00

SS915 Cleaner

SS915 is a citrus scented non-flammable cleaner which dissolves grease and oil based soils.

Price: $64.00

High Build Epoxy, Low Viscosity Primer

SS707LVP is a 2 part colored epoxy coating for applications where a high solids primer is required before application of a high solids or 100% solids concrete topcoat.

Price: $156.00