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pH Testing

High alkalinity at the surface of concrete as a result of migration of water vapor through concrete slabs and walls is often a primary cause of adhesion related failures of floor coatings, floor toppings, and primary containment linings. When high levels moisture migrate through a slab, alkalis that are inherently present in the concrete will dissolves and become increasingly concentrated as they are pushed to surface by vapor. The resulting concrete will have a high pH environment at the flooring bond line which causes industrial coatings to fail. Nationally, the costs associated with downtime and disruption to facility operations amount to millions of dollars annually. To determine the concrete alkalinity at the bond line, Surface Solutions will perform a pH test in accordance with ASTM F710, “Standard Practice for Preparing Concrete Floors to Receive Resilient Flooring.” Testing the alkalinity of the concrete is just one of many necessary precautions Surface Solutions takes in order to deliver the right solution to the customer the first time.

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