USDA & FDA Food Safe Flooring Options

At Surface Solutions USA, we specialize in USDA and FDA approved flooring solutions, whether it be to help protect your employees and ensure safety, or to find food safe flooring options that are durable to the elements.

Food safe flooring options must be held to standards that meet not only the customers expectations, but the USDA and FDA’s regulations as well. As a result of some unique circumstances, such as the rapidly-growing brewery and micro-brewery industry, these food safe flooring solutions must stand up to some of the most extreme of elements, including high-traffic durability, ability to withstand heavy impact from use of fork-lifts, anti-slip surfaces, stain resitance, insect and rodent-proof solutions and more.

Why does this matter? All of these elements and food safe solutions not only protect your employees, but they protect your products; two of your biggest assets.

With our food safe flooring solutions, we use seamless and heavy-duty solutions with added hygiene protection and high-grade texture, thus not only prevent bacteria from growing in the seams of tradition epoxy floors, but also preventing employees from slipping, tripping and falling on the job.

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