The Benefits of Industrial Coatings

industrial flooring

Industrial coating is an external coating similar to paint but used for its protective properties rather than its aesthetic properties (though they can be decorative).

Industrial grade coatings are capable of repelling moisture and chemicals, and it forms a hard and abrasive surface that can withstand most abuse. It’s commonly applied to:
Building exteriors.

  • Building interiors such as steel or wood beams.
  • Concrete wall and floor surfaces.
  • Nuts and bolts.
  • Office furniture.
  • Agricultural and construction equipment.

There are a number of reasons industrial coatings are preferable to standard residential coatings. Those reasons include:

Weather Resistance

Industrial coatings often are used to protect surfaces such as exterior walls and highway bridges from harmful exposure to elements such as UV radiation, low or high temperatures, humidity, and extreme weather events like wind storms. They are so strong that they even retain their gloss and color aesthetics under heavy elemental exposure.

Fire Resistance

Intumescent industrial coatings often are used for fire protection in steel structures. Though it appears like a simple paint-like substance at first, it works by chemically reacting to the presence of fire and expanding 10-30 times its original size. This creates a large barrier between the fire and the protected surface, which can last around one to three hours depending on the coating’s rating. This is essential to maintaining structural integrity in the case of a fire.

Personal Safety

Food and Beverage Industries require concrete flooring and wall protection from bacterial growth ie. Standing water. Resinous industrial floor coatings provide this to these facilities. Industrial floor coatings protect the concrete slabs from chemical attack and thermal cycling from sanitation wash down procedures.

In industrial workplace environments, forklift accidents and employee fall injuries can translate into healthcare costs and personal injury claims for businesses. Slip-resistant resinous flooring helps improve friction to minimize (if not completely eliminate) injuries from falls and prevent work vehicles from slipping. It’s designed to stand up to the beating of a high-traffic area with motorized vehicles moving in and out daily, and it works for everything from warehouses to aircraft hangars.

Marine Protection

Marine industrial coatings are used on watercraft both large and small. There are coatings that cover the topsides as well as coatings that are applied below the waterline to guard against water-related damage such as corrosion while also helping to reduce drag. It can be used on any type of water vessel or structure from military warships and oil rigs to yachts and other pleasure craft.


When an epoxy coating is in its liquid form, it has unique and useful properties that allow it to bond with almost any surface. It’s strong enough to withstand a high volume of traffic, bumps and scrapes—but it also holds up to most wear and tear caused by time and the elements when left alone, so it can be used in both high-traffic areas as well as isolated areas. This helps save time and money that would otherwise be spent on varied forms of coatings to give your location complete coverage.

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