As Westfield, Indiana and neighboring communities eagerly await the opening of Field Brewing, Surface Solutions is hard at work on the new downtown building with construction partner Custom Living.

Our industrial flooring specialists recently complete one of the initial parts of the flooring project: an 1,800-square-foot application of Ucrete UD200 plus a 250-linear-feet of 2-inch-and-45-degree wedge cant cove base with Ucrete RG in the brew house and cooler.

“We are really excited about this project,” says Amy Manghelli, President of Surface Solutions, Inc. “The city of Westfield is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2018 and we couldn’t be more proud to contribute to its downtown development.”

Field Brewing at the southeast corner of Main and Cherry Streets is home to a brewhouse serving local brews and a gastropub that features local ingredients and specialties prepared over a wood-burning fire. The owners hope to include a distillery in the future.




Food & Beverage | Brewery


Westfield, Indiana


Field Brewing


1,800 SF | 250 L’ Cant Cove Base


2 Days

Surface Solutions Top UCRETE® Master Contractor

UCRETE® technology is the original polyurethane flooring solution that provides a powerful layer of protection for both new and existing concrete surfaces. UCRETE® stands out from the rest with a higher resin content that needs no additional sealer coat that can wear away in time, leaving a floor porous and unprotected.

Ideal for brewery floors as well as other applications in the Food and Beverage industry, Ucrete is fast becoming the preferred technology for industrial floors and the application technique have been perfected with years of experience:

  • Engineered as a superior alternative to acid brick, quarry tile and coatings
  • Offers unequalled resistance to physical abuse, moisture, a wide range of aggressive chemicals and bacterial growth
  • Outperforms traditional epoxy flooring surfaces in both impact resistance from heavy traffic and ability to withstand thermal shock

Ucrete UD200 is a three-part concrete coating treatment and flooring system that is free of solvents, withstands extreme temperature fluctuations and is resistant to abrasion and impact. Ideal for coolers, freezers, waste-water treatment plants, chemical production and processing facilities, paper and pulp mills, restaurant kitchens, pharmaceutical facilities, dairy, poultry, meat and food warehouses and plants, construction projects or flooring in need of repair.

Specify it for:

  • Medium to heavy duty application thickness of (6mm – 10mm) 1/4″ to 3/8″
  • Areas subject to mechanical cleaning
  • Environments under constant chemical attack
  • Service temperatures of -45ºC to 112ºC (-50ºF to 235ºF)
  • Areas requiring slip resistance even when wet
  • Areas where cleanliness and hygiene need to meet ADA recommendations
  • Interior or exterior industrial environments
  • Jobs where limited downtime is required; can be applied to 7- to10-day-old concrete
  • Areas where no priming of sealing of substrate is required
  • Cant cove base formation to form and wall renovation (UCRETE® RG)

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