Surface Solutions, Inc. upgrades an engine room floor in an Indiana food plant into a hard-working seamless surface using what’s known as “the world’s most resilient flooring.”

The expert installers mechanically prep the existing epoxy coating on the 1,200-square-foot area that includes elevated pads, then apply Ucrete RG as a three-inch cant cove base around all of the pad bases. An application of Ucrete DP to ¼-inch nominal thickness goes on next, followed by a topcoat of Surface Solutions self-branded SS253 Novolac in Light Gray. As a safety precaution, each face and cant cove of all pads are coated with SS707OP High Build Traffic Yellow Epoxy. The entire project is completed in two and a half days.

In addition to a stunning visual transformation, our customer now has a safe, easy-to-clean floor for the staff.



Ucrete RG & DP | SS253 Novolac & SS707OP Epoxy


Food and Beverage




Food Plant Engine Room


1,200 SF


2.5 Days

BASF’s Ucrete Flooring System Patented 50 Years Ago

In 2019, the world’s most resilient flooring is celebrating a 50th birthday. Ucrete is based on a unique resin technology that provides industrial floors with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical impact and thermal shock.

Ucrete DP is a four-component polyurethane concrete slurry broadcast aggregate system that is ideal for resurfacing industrial flooring. Installed at thicknesses from 1/8-inch to ¼-inch (4-6mm), depending on the service and cleaning temperatures and expected traffic, Ucrete DP floors have a toughness that exceeds that of typical concrete, including thermal stability, slip resistance as well as excellent impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Ucrete DP systems are recommended for use in areas where severe conditions exist, such as high impact pressure, thermal shock and chemical exposure in food and beverage facilities, freezers and coolers, food warehouses, meat, poultry and dairy plants, bottling facilities, food packing and canning plants as well as pharmaceutical facilities.

Ucrete RG is an extremely durable polyurethane and concrete additive used to form cove bases and renovate walls. It withstands heavy traffic, harsh chemicals and fluctuating temperatures much better than a simple concrete surface. Specify it for:

  • Minimum vertical/base application thickness of nominal (4mm) 3/16″
  • Vertical base applications and steep slopes
  • Areas subject to temperature ranges of (-45ºC) -50ºF to (104ºC) 220ºF (System #1)
  • Limited downtime required; can be applied to 7- to10-day-old concrete
  • Areas where no priming of sealing of substrate is required

Ideal for exterior and interior applications, old concrete, dairy, poultry, meat and food plants, storage areas, commercial freezers, pharmaceutical labs, precious metal refineries, textile warehouses, chemical manufacturing and places that make use of other Ucrete products.

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