“Harlan Bakeries is very pleased with their new UCRETE flooring. They are also impressed with how efficient our installation team is.”

When family-owned Harlan Bakeries decides to convert 10,000 square feet of an existing warehouse into a food processing and packaging facility, the Indianapolis-based company trusts another business based in Indianapolis (this one!) with not only our recommendation for a new high performance resinous floor, they are confident we would also complete the entire installation in just one week!

5 Days to Transform 10,000 Square Feet of Flooring

To transform the old warehouse floor into a new, seamless, food-safe surface, a base coat of self-leveling BASF UCRETE® DP is installed using a gauge rake, which ensures a 3/16-inch thickness, and 2040 Silica Sand is broadcast into the urethane concrete. To bring the entire flooring system up to the desired ¼-inch thickness, a SS449 Pigmented Polyaspartic Topcoat is added, chosen for its UV-stability and low odor.

“Harlan Bakeries is very pleased with their new UCRETE flooring,” Amy Manghelli, President of Surface Solutions, Inc., says. “They are also impressed with how efficient our installation team is.”


BASF UCRETE® DP w/2040 Silica Sand Broadcast | SS449 Pigmented Polyaspartic Topcoat


Food & Beverage


Indianapolis, IN


Harlan Bakeries


10,000 SF and 300L’ of 3” Cant Cove Base


5 Days

Why a UCRETE® Floor Transforms a Warehouse Space

Harlan Bakeries produces a wide range of baked goods and dry baking mixes. From English muffins and bagels to cakes and fruit pies, the bakers understand that while sugar and fruit fillings are delicious, they can destroy a flooring surface. A bakery floor must withstand corrosive spills, constant cleaning and deter contamination.

UCRETE® flooring systems provide a safe, sanitary and economical option for food and beverage companies. It installs quickly and safely using non-toxic materials, is non-tainting and has a rapid cure rate, which keeps production downtime to a minimum. Because they contain no seams or grout lines to harbor bacteria, a medium to heavy-duty application of UCRETE at a thickness of ¼-inches to 3/8-inches (6mm – 10mm) is ideal for:

  • Facilities where cleanliness and hygiene need to meet FDA recommendations
  • Areas subject to mechanical cleaning
  • Environments under constant chemical attack
  • Areas requiring slip resistance even when wet
  • Interior or exterior industrial environments
  • Areas where no priming or sealing of substrate is needed

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