Innovation for Blast Freezer Floors

Surface Solutions, Inc. and Flowcrete Americas develop a new urethane concrete flooring system made specifically for blast freezer floors.

For food and beverage facilities, a blast freezer is the ultimate in cold storage. Often referred to as shock freezers, these industrial appliances quickly reduce the temperature of meat, fish or fresh produce, halting metabolic breakdown. Placing cooked food in a blast freezer lowers the temperature to a chilly 37 degrees Fahrenheit or lower within 90 minutes – much faster than a conventional cold storage freezer. This prepares the food for safer storage and consumption at the absolute peak of freshness.

The continual freeze-thaw thermal shock conditions of a blast freezer are brutal on regular concrete flooring surfaces. If the concrete is worn or damaged, food takes longer to freeze, energy costs start to rise and sanitary conditions inside the freezer will eventually deteriorate. Our customers in the food and beverage industry need a harder-working flooring product that meets the specific requirements of blast freezers and we have a solution that has already proven that it stands the test of time.

Features a Blast Freezer Floor Needs

  • USDA-compliance
  • Tolerates extreme thermal shock and cycling
  • Seamless with integrated cove base
  • Antibacterial and fungistatic
  • Slip and stain resistant
  • Withstands harsh clean-ups with detergents, pressure washing and steam cleaning
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Installs in cold temperatures
  • VOC and solvent free

Game Changer for Cold Storage Flooring

As a Flowcrete STAR contractor, we have a unique relationship with the manufacturer of many top industrial flooring products. Using our expert knowledge of what is needed at a food and beverage facility, Flowcrete designs an antimicrobial cementitious urethane flooring system to handle the extreme conditions of blast freezers. The hottest product for blast freezer flooring available today, Flowfresh Flowfill Matrix is a game changer for cold storage surfaces and is exclusive to Surface Solutions, Inc.

Exclusive Blast Freezer Flooring – Flowfresh Flowfill Matrix

Blast freezer floors must handle temperature fluctuations that cause expansion and contraction. Microcracks develop allowing moisture and bacteria to penetrate into the substrate. Flowfresh Flowfill Matrix is made to withstand these extreme changes in temperature. After removing delaminated concrete, Flowfill is trowel applied. It fills and seals cracks and joints.

Stop Frost Heaving

One of the most significant issues facing a freezer floor is frost heaving. Once moisture invades the substrate or soil below, it freezes. The concrete and subsoil swell, producing cracks that cause the floor to buckle. It creates a safety hazard for workers, and the substrate continues to break down under the weight of heavy machinery like forklifts. The cementitious urethane of Flowfill Matrix expands with the substrate, reducing the chance of cracks from frost heaving.

Harsh Cleaning? No Problem.

Stringent USDA cleaning guidelines mean blast freezers are subjected to harsh chemicals, scrubbing and steam cleaning. Flowfill Matrix is chemical and abrasion resistant. It creates a tough, seamless surface that is easier to clean and keeps you ready for sudden inspections.

Can Surface Solutions and Flowfill Matrix Work for Your Blast Freezer?

Working with Flowcrete, Surface Solutions is able to give our food and beverage customers the answer to their cold storage flooring problems. We can install a Flowfill Matrix floor in most 400-square-foot blast freezers in about two and a half days – a weekend is all it takes to have a durable, antimicrobial floor installed. Top quality products and installations are why Surface Solutions is a leading provider of industrial flooring solutions.

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