It may seem like it’s never a good time to resurface the floor of a busy corporate office, even for a leading provider of high performance industrial flooring.

For Surface Solutions, all it takes is a little planning to improve the floor of our corporate headquarters without interfering with day-to-day operations.

We start the week-long office remodel by removing carpet and vinyl composition tile (VCT) from the 1,900 square-foot concrete floor. We put our new HTC diamond grinder through the paces, easily removing glue and prepping large areas of substrate. A diamond hand grinder finishes the work around perimeter walls.

Our team applies a new 6-inch vinyl cove base and broadcasts the clear SS354 polyaspartic topcoat with 1/4-inch blended paint flakes. After top coating the floor with a clear polyaspartic low VOC topcoat and applying a new coat of paint to the walls and trim, we achieve the bright, clean work environment we’re looking for.

“Decorative flake floors are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing,” says Amy Manghelli, President of Surface Solutions, Inc. “Our new headquarters showcases the beautiful flooring options we have available for our customers.”


SS354 Polyaspartic Topcoat | Decorative Flakes | Vinyl Cove Base


Retail | Supermarkets | Cafeterias


Indianapolis, IN


Surface Solutions Inc. Corporate Headquarters


1,900 SF


1 Week

Polyaspartic Coatings & Decorative Flake – Fast-drying, Long-lasting

When you have a common area floor of your facility that you need to improve with minimum interruption and downtime, consider a professional installation of a clear urethane-based polyaspartic topcoat like SS354 broadcast with decorative flake.

A type of polyurea coating, polyaspartic topcoats take advantage of a chemical reaction between polyaspartic esters and aliphatic polyisocyanites, known as “aliphatic polyurea.” They are surface level sealers providing long-lasting protection against abrasions, scratches, chemicals and spills. They bridge small gaps and also protect already cracked surfaces. They bond well with the concrete and have an excellent hardness. Polyaspartic topcoats are also UV-resistant (helping to protect any color added) and rate high on the Gardner color scale test for clarity.

The aesthetic appeal of decorative flakes is one of custom personalization. Available in different colors and metallics, which add a bit of dazzle and shine, decorative flakes provide some sound deadening qualities to the environment and hide sub-surface imperfections in the concrete, such as spider cracks and patch work, which are less likely to show through the topcoat with a heavy application. The flake material is also flexible and strong, helping to improve both the durability and impact resistance of the surface.

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