Floor coating failures? The problem might not be surface-level

One thing we often hear from our industrial flooring customers of other contractors is that their floor coating has failed a year or less after it was applied over a damaged substrate.

The difference you’ll find with Surface Solutions is that our expert flooring technicians understand there is no “one size fits all” solution to industrial flooring. We first perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current flooring before making any recommendations. Taking the time to design a specialized solution for each client ensures longer-lasting flooring. 

Industrial flooring surface preparation

Before the application of any concrete coating, there are a number of requirements that need to be addressed, including crack and joint treatment, and removal of the existing floor coatings,  overlays, and contaminants in order to create a surface ideal for bonding to the new coating.

For example, our customer at a dairy processing facility in Kentucky had experienced repeated failures. Facility director Mike Wernigk said he didn’t believe any other flooring installer had taken the time to perform this sort of evaluation: 

“To my knowledge, your company is the only one that has actually inspected the integrity of the base substrate and truly addressed the root causes of failures.”

After removing the brittle epoxy mortar and finishing the required prefilling, our installers applied Ucrete UD200 to the 4,900-square-foot surface and used Ucrete RG for the vertical surfaces, ensuring a seamless floor coating designed for impact and thermal shock resistance. Downtime on the project was just three days.

dairy processing industrial flooring

Specialized solutions for unique challenges

Another example of a specialized solution is the flooring we installed at a 120,000 square foot Ohio food plant with a unique challenge: this customer’s concrete slab could not be improved by a typical polishing solution because the metal shavings in the existing floor would rust. We installed Ucrete DP, a polyurethane concrete formula with broadcast aggregate that has excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, and thermal shock, and doesn’t require priming or sealing of the substrate. Additionally, food and beverage facilities benefit from the improved safety of slip-resistant Ucrete DP industrial flooring, especially in wet areas.

Decades of proven results

If your facility’s flooring faces heavy abuse and unique challenges, Surface Solutions has decades of project references that demonstrate our expertise. Call us today at (866) 858-4080 or send us a message using the contact form below.