When the facilities manager at this cable manufacturer in Indianapolis, Indiana finally gets fed up with how difficult it is to keep the floor near the plant entry clean …

Surface Solutions has the flooring answer that will tackle all the debris from steel-toed boots and black marks from forklift tires. In just two and a half days, Surface Solutions grinds off the existing epoxy topcoat and floor markings, primes the 1,200-square-foot area with SS181LVP in a rich dark charcoal, applies a SS707 High-Build Epoxy body coat -also in Charcoal- recreates directional traffic footprints with SS707OP epoxy in Orange Peel Texture and finishes with a clear urethane topcoat over the entire area, to seal the footprints, provide UV-stability and ensure a more clean-friendly surface.


SS181LVP Primer | SS707 High-Build Epoxy & SS707OP Traffic Footprints | Urethane Topcoat




Indianapolis, IN


Cable Manufacturer


1,200 SF


2.5 Days

Mark the Floor for Better Workplace Safety

Manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities use floor marking to help direct foot traffic through the work environment, to mitigate job hazards when working around heavy machinery like forklifts and energized equipment and to help both employees and visitors work and move safely throughout a facility.

Floor marking protects people:

  • By alerting them of potentially dangerous areas near machines and moving equipment
  • By designating paths that protect them from forklifts, electrical panels, heavy machinery and other hazards
  • By warning of hazardous areas like loading docks
  • By marking areas where they can work safely
  • By establishing traffic controls for forklift drivers
  • By helping them in low-light conditions such as emergencies with phosphorescent marking that can point to exits and other ways to keep clear of hazardous conditions
  • By improving workplace organization and efficiency

Color Matters

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a standard for safety color codes (29 CFR 1910.144) that gives some guidance for establishing a color-coded floor marking system:

Red identifies fire-related hazards like fire protection equipment, containers of flammable liquids, emergency switches, bars and buttons on hazardous machines.

Yellow signals caution and marks physical hazards like “striking against,” stumbling, falling, tripping, and “caught in between.” OSHA states, “yellow lines are usually recognized as the most convenient and inexpensive way to mark aisles and passageways.”

Beyond these requirements, employers are encouraged to use the same colors consistently throughout a facility, no matter which colors they choose.

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