Our SurfaceCrete flooring system -the next generation of polyurethane concrete technology- gives our customer peace of mind in just one day.

Our tank wash customer in Iowa needs three important solutions for his facility:

  1. Protection for 1,900 square feet of bare concrete tank wash floor constantly attacked by the harsh chemicals of the washing process
  2. A slip-resistant floor surface, to protect his employees working in the always-wet wash bays
  3. Super-fast turnaround time on the installation

Surface Solutions’ expert installers prepare the bare concrete by shot blasting and hand grinding, then trowel-apply our bio-based polyurethane concrete flooring system, SurfaceCrete HF, to ¼-inch nominal thickness … in one day. Customer is very pleased.


SurfaceCrete HF


Chemical Processing




Tank Wash


1,900 SF


1 Day

SurfaceCrete Bio-Based Flooring Systems

Our self-branded SurfaceCrete flooring systems represent the next generation of polyurethane concrete technology. The bio-based products utilize domestically-produced soy bean oil and feature environmentally-friendly packaging. They are recommended for use in wet processing and packaging areas such as tank washes, truck unloading areas, chemical plants, battery charging areas, pharmaceutical labs, pulp and paper mills and food and beverage processing facilities including freezers, coolers and commercial kitchens.

SurfaceCrete HF is a heavy-duty seamless flooring system typically installed at 1/4 to 3/8-inch in thickness. SurfaceCrete HF is extremely tough and withstands thermal shock, impact, abrasion and chemical exposure.

Benefits of SurfaceCrete HF

  • Seamless, hygienic finish; no grout joints
  • Impact and abrasion resistant surface suitable for heavy traffic and fork lift operation
  • Low odor, fast installation, fast cure
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance to 250° F
  • Thermal shock resistant; steam cleanable
  • Resistant to moisture vapor transmission (MVT)
  • Provided an anti-slip surface that meets ADA recommendations
  • Resistant to fungi growth per ASTM G-21

SurfaceCrete is available in several colors including red, dark red, gray, dark gray, tan, green, blue, light blue and safety yellow. Call Surface Solutions at 1-866-858-4080 for more information.

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