Over one two-day weekend, our expert team of industrial flooring installers prep the floor of a tanker wash in Chicago, Illinois -ridding it of the existing epoxy- then trowel Ucrete UD200 at 3/8-inch thickness over the entire 3,500-square-foot space.

Ucrete UD200 is a three-part concrete coating treatment and flooring system developed for wash areas because it is slip-, abrasion- and impact-resistant and withstands extreme thermal cycles, water and chemical attack. In addition to tanker wash floors, UD200 is also ideal for coolers, freezers, waste-water treatment plants, chemical production and processing facilities, paper and pulp mills, restaurant kitchens, pharmaceutical facilities, dairy, poultry, meat and food warehouses and plants, construction projects or flooring in need of repair.


BASF Ucrete UD200


Chemical Processing


Chicago, IL


Tanker Wash Facility


3,500 SF


2 Days

Why Ucrete is Called “The World’s Toughest Floor”

Products that carry the BASF brand are backed by decades of expertise and reputed excellence. Ucrete Flooring Systems are no different. Cost effective, long lasting and quick installing, Ucrete heavy duty polyurethane resin flooring systems have a reputation for performance that is unequalled throughout the chemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

  • Durability – with excellent impact and wear resistance, Ucrete floors in aggressive environments can last longer than 30 years.
  • Fast Application and Curing – fully serviceable after only five hours at 10 °C, making it ideally suited for refurbishment work.
  • Moisture Tolerance – can be installed onto seven-day-old concrete without special primers
  • Thermal Shock Resistance – withstands spillages up to 150 °C depending upon specification
  • Hygiene Standards – cleanable to the same standard as stainless steel and does not support biological growth
  • Chemical Resistance – from strong acids to alkalis, fats, oils and solvents that can rapidly degrade other types of resin flooring
  • Cleanliness and Safety – certified with the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold standard for low emissions; safe for workers, products and the environment.

To ensure long-term performance, Ucrete floors should be installed by trained Ucrete specialists like Surface Solutions, Inc., an eight-time winner of BASF Performance Flooring Master Contractor status.

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