Ucrete Floors: Fast and Functional for Food and Beverage Facilities

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about the floor in a food and beverage facility until they urgently need one. A food and beverage business puts even the toughest floor to the test, but Ucrete can handle it.

Safe, Fast, and Focused on Function

With its world-class blend of durability and speed-to-install, a Ucrete floor is a welcome addition to any type of food and beverage processing . You’ll see Ucrete floors in food prep areas/cook rooms, dairies, breweries, meat processors, and much more.

Unlike many other types of slow-curing floors, Ucrete floors can be installed quickly with minimal down time for production.  Depending on project size , a Ucrete UD 200 floor can be prepped and installed in a day’s time and ready to for service the following day. 

Urethane concrete flooring , such as the Ucrete brand  of industrial floor solutions, can be ready for use much earlier than most alternative materials. With slab temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit , a Ucrete polyurethane system can be ready to receive light foot traffic just 12 hours after application/topcoat . 

Plus, the floor can achieve a full chemical cure within a matter of days, which significantly cuts down the curing time of other resin coating materials. Normally, a coating would add weeks or months to your schedule, but not with Ucrete.

Case Study: Field Brewing

To see how well Ucrete works in a brewery environment, check ot our recent work at one of Indiana’s newest breweries, Field Brewing, located on the corner of Main and Cherry Streets in Westfield. Together with our construction partner Custom Living, the team at Surface Solutions installed Field Brewing’s large new floor.

brewery ucrete flooring

Our industrial flooring specialists installed an 1,800-square-foot application of Ucrete UD200 plus 250 linear feet of 2-inch and 45-degree wedge cant cove base with Ucrete RG. On top of this strong and durable floor, Field Brewing runs a brewhouse, cooling room, serving bar, and gastropub, offering locally-prepared food and beverages.

The entire flooring project took 2 quick days from start to finish. This helped the brand-new brewery get up and running as quickly as possible for the Westfield community.

See the full case study.

Case Study: Bluegrass Dairy & Food

Bluegrass Dairy & Food is one of the nation’s top suppliers of innovative ingredients for the food and beverage industry. The company’s facility in Glasgow, Kentucky is a 24/7 operation, so they had little time to spare for a new floor.

However, their existing epoxy floor – installed by another company – was at the point of full failure, breaking down into brittle pieces after thermal cycling with routine hot water wash-downs. Mike Wernigk, Director of Quality for Bluegrass Dairy & Food, was frustrated with past “experts” who recommended simply topping their floor with a new coating. The coatings delaminated within 2 years – sometimes, in under a year.

dairy ucrete flooring

Surface Solutions removed the failing floor, then prefilled and prepped the substrate. SSI  installed Ucrete UD200 and RG across the 4900 sq. ft .area , including a 290-linear-foot 3-inch cant cove. The entire project took just 3 days.

Wernigk was very pleased with Surface Solutions’ beautiful and high-quality solution to his facility’s ongoing floor problems. “I cannot express how pleased I am with the floors,” he said.

See the full case study.

Case Study: Meat Processor

This large Indiana meat processor shuts down for the holidays each year in December, giving Surface Solutions the perfect timeframe to install new Ucrete Iron Filled flooring. This customer has worked with us for years and seizes the annual opportunity to add more Ucrete floors to their facility whenever possible.

In 4 days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Surface Solutions installed Ucrete IF  in the 3,500-square-foot Meat Processing Area , including 150 linear feet of curbing and a 2-inch cant cove. The project also involved extensive prefill of Ucrete UD200 (troweled mortar) .

meat processing floor

The finished floors are holding up very well in the rough environment of the meat processing facility. Even under constant abrasion from steel-wheeled carts and equipment, the Ucrete still looks as good as the day it was installed.

See the full case study.

Why Choose Ucrete for a Food and Beverage Facility?

Ucrete is a tough, fast-installed industrial floor that helps facilities meet the high safety and health standards of the food and beverage industry. Here’s a look at Ucrete’s benefits:

  • Low to no bacterial growth
  • Non-porous, fully protected surface
  • High resin content that needs no additional sealer
  • Impact and thermal shock resistance
  • Unequaled resistance to physical abuse, moisture, and harsh chemicals
  • Easy-to-maintain cleanliness for food-safe production
  • A surface that helps you reach the safety guidelines mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Ucrete is becoming the preferred technology for industrial floors in food and beverage businesses around the world. Before you choose acid brick, quarry tile, or other types of floors and coatings, consider Ucrete from Surface Solutions Inc.

For more information about installing a Ucrete floor in your food and beverage business, connect with Surface Solutions, Inc., located on W. 73rd Street in Indianapolis. We’ve been a Ucrete Master Contractor since 2012 and are a leading provider of top-quality flooring for the food and beverage industry in Indianapolis as well as nationwide.