What is Conductive Flooring?

At Surface Solutions, Inc., we specialize in many different types of resinous industrial flooring solutions, like conductive flooring. What is conductive flooring and why would your company need it?

Conductive flooring is a type of industrial flooring solution that is best for industries where you need a tough resistance to sparks, fire and heat. The opposite of anti-static flooring, conductive flooring is best in areas that might require a fireproof rating and spark-proof rooms with certain lighting or light switches.

Protects Against ESD and Static Electricity

The familiar shock of static electricity and electrostatic discharge, or ESD can be an expensive challenge in many industrial environments where electronic components or volatile chemicals are present or stored. Static electricity and ESD are extremely hot and can damage electronic components, ignite flammable mixtures, attract contaminants in clean environments and cause injury to workers. If an accident or injury occurs, companies have to absorb the cost of ESD damage, which includes loss of production time, repair and rework, and mitigating employee safety issues.

Manufacturers of electronic devices and companies that handle volatile chemicals incorporate measures to prevent ESD events throughout the manufacturing, testing, shipping and handling processes. These protective environments are known as Electrostatic Protective Areas (EPAs). Whether a small work station or a large manufacturing area, in an EPA, all conductive materials and workers are grounded to prevent charge build-up on ESD sensitive components. Some preventative measures include:

  • ESD-control footwear and uniform gear
  • Anti-static floor mats
  • ESD-safe packing material
  • Humidity control to prevent electrostatic charge generation
  • Flooring materials that move harmful electric charges away from the work area

Conductive flooring systems from Surface Solutions are epoxy-based, formulated to control static electricity and highly resistant to chemical damage and abrasion. In addition, they provide a protective flooring surface for facilities built for the production and storage of sensitive electronic components by transferring harmful static charges into the ground, protecting both equipment and personnel.

With conductive flooring and our single-source warranty, businesses in need of fireproof and spark-proof industrial flooring solutions are in luck. Surface Solutions’ conductive flooring offers absolutely no chance of an explosion, no matter the type of interaction or industry.

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