Your facility’s breakrooms and restrooms are high-traffic spaces that may be used by staff, customers, and visitors on a daily basis, so it’s essential the foundation of these spaces is not only sanitary and durable but also attractive.

We have installed a variety of commercial bathroom flooring and breakroom flooring, and we can recommend a solution customized to suit your facility’s needs:  

Flake epoxy

This is an attractive application that combines high-performance epoxy polymer resin with a layer of colored vinyl chips to create an attractive surface. It’s sealed with a clear, high-gloss, chemical-resistant topcoat and installed at a thickness ranging from 1/16″ to 1/8″.

Polyaspartic coating

Our branded polyaspartic topcoat applied over a heavy-duty UCrete basecoat provides a more abrasion-resistant and faster-drying alternative to the traditional epoxy floor coating. It’s ready for foot traffic in just four hours! 

Floor coving and curbing

Essential to wet environments and anywhere hygienic safety is a concern, floor coving provides a seamless base where the floor meets the wall to prevent bacteria, debris, and dust from getting trapped in the seam. Wall curbing can offer additional protection. Read more about floor coving and curbing.

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