Secondary Containment Systems

Protecting the Facility and the Environment

Chemical spills can wreck havoc on the environment and can spell dramatic legal implications for a company. Secondary containment is a method of safeguarding work areas that supports a primary containment system and prevents unplanned or unauthorized releases of toxic or hazardous materials into the environment. Secondary containment systems from Surface Solutions will help protect floors and walls from caustic, acid and other aggressive chemical attacks.

Custom Secondary Containment

Surface Solutions expert consultants will create a secondary containment floor and wall system using coatings such as Novalac, Vinyl Ester and urethane specifically formulated to combat the caustic substances, acids and other aggressive chemicals in your work areas, adding a customized level of protection for your facility and the surrounding environment.

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Surface Solutions provides expert consultation and installation, and a full line of secondary containment systems that are fully customizable, in addition to other industrial flooring systems. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every project.

Proof of Performance


This bioscience facility had secondary containment areas with delaminated epoxy coatings. This was not the proper coating system for outside as epoxies do not perform with the freeze/thaw cycles here in the Midwest. 2 Days to Transform 800 Square Feet of Outdoor Secondary Containment Area The Surface Solutions team removed the existing delaminated coatings via…

New Anti-Corrosion Coatings & Linings from Flowcrete

Fight back against extreme chemical attack- a new range of corrosion protection flooring systems includes vertical and horizontal applied coatings.   Flowcrete Americas recently announces the launch of a new range of anti-corrosive vinyl ester coating and lining materials designed to protect concrete and steel structures from the damaging effects of severe chemical and mechanical attack….


“The Surface Solutions crew was clean, timely, and overall I was impressed with their level of work and communication with me.” -Customer Review   The expert crew at Surface Solutions recently refurbishes 1,470 square feet of concrete on the floor and walls of a facility that provides packaging and manufacturing solutions for the food industry….