The Surface Solutions Process Begins with You

Our representatives partner with you to evaluate your facility and recommend the best flooring solution based on a comprehensive list of criteria:

  • What are you looking for in a flooring contractor?
  • What is the total square footage of the area we’re working on?
  • What is the current condition of the floors?
  • How are the floors used?
  • Do your floors require industry-specific, government-mandated or customized features?
  • Are there any limitations on the work schedule?
  • Do you have a completion deadline?
  • Are you concerned with budget constraints?

Concrete Testing

To determine what elements can lead to the failure of industrial flooring surfaces, our team of SSPC (Society of Protective Coating) experts can conduct a complete testing of the existing concrete and recommend a number of flooring options that ensure the maximum service life for your industrial flooring surface.

Personalized Quote Package

Based on our site evaluation, we will prepare –and personally deliver when possible- a complete quote package to you, outlining the following:

  • Good / Better / Best flooring options and product information
  • Relevant case studies for comparison
  • Work schedule
  • Surface Solutions company overview
  • Payment terms

On every installation, Surface Solutions provides you with a comprehensive single source warranty that covers both labor and materials against defect.

Now, We Get to Work

After your Surface Solutions representative gives you a complete overview of the installation, our in-house professionals get to work preparing all surfaces for a proper bond to the substrate surface, and to ensure your new industrial floor truly is the foundation for your business.

Proper installation is equally important as the type of resinous flooring system we’ve chosen for your business. Since every flooring installation is unique based on the conditions, environment and flooring system, our team of expert installers has the experience and skill necessary to deliver a successful installation every time.

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every project. Contact Surface Solutions today for more information on our complete line of industrial flooring systems.

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