Commercial performance heavy-duty flooring

Every industrial and manufacturing facility has at least one room where the floors are required to bear substantial loads, high impact, or heavy abrasion. Without the proper industrial heavy-duty flooring system, your concrete slab can crack, buckle, and deteriorate. These failures can require costly repairs. 

Standard concrete floors aren’t meant to withstand heavy loads, impact, or abrasion. Heavy-duty polymer flooring gives concrete the strength to stand up to repeated and constant abuse from forklift traffic, pallet jacks, and heavy skids that can destroy your foundation. By installing one of our heavy-duty flooring systems, you give your high-traffic surfaces the protection they need to endure extreme pressure and heavy use for the longest possible time without repair. These industrial concrete floor systems help ensure that your slab is strong enough for the harshest conditions.

Heavy-duty industrial flooring is engineered to perform in both industrial and commercial facilities without sacrificing appearance:

  • Exceptionally high compressive strength
  • High impact resistance toppings
  • Unparalleled abrasion resistance
  • USDA-approved options
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Moisture vapor mitigation
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Slip-resistant options available
  • Decorative finishes in a variety of colors

Your concrete floor coating represents the foundation of your business

Choosing a light-duty floor coating for a heavy-duty environment puts that concrete slab, your investment, and your entire facility at risk. Our heavy-duty industrial flooring offers everything from textured finishes for enhanced slip resistance to UV stability for long-lasting color vibrancy. Additional flooring and coating options are available in an anti-static grade to protect sensitive electronic equipment and safely ground any electrostatic discharge (ESD).

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