Polymer Flooring

Solutions for Substrate Protection

Polymerization is an advanced chemical reaction of two or more single components, or monomers, combining to form a high-molecular-weight organic product, called a polymer. In the case of a flooring system, liquid-polymer components such as a sealer, coating or mortar are cured together, forming a solid film that repairs, protects or enhances a concrete substrate surface. Examples of polymer flooring include epoxy, urethane, urethane concrete and Methyl Methacrylate, or MMA resinous.



Polymer flooring from Surface Solutions protects concrete found in a variety of manufacturing and industrial facilities from damaging elements including:

  • Moisture
  • Thermal shock
  • High levels of mechanical and foot traffic
  • Chemical spills
  • Frequent Cleaning

Offering an excellent degree of flexibility, impact and chemical resistance and long-term durability, polymer flooring is also non-yellowing under ultraviolet exposure.

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