Waterproof Flooring

No Water or Flood Damage

Water and any kind of liquid leaking from upper floors can be disastrous for work areas below. And if a flood unexpectedly damages the rest of your facility, rest assured a waterproof floor will remain intact.

Waterproof flooring from Surface Solutions can easily handle the most extreme humidity. Our moisture-resistant floors are made of high quality resins that will not swell or deform, like a wood floor might. Seamless, durable and scratch-resistant, waterproof flooring will also protect the concrete substrate from water damage.


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Surface Solutions provides expert consultation and installation, and a full line of waterproof flooring solutions in addition to other industrial flooring systems. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every project.

Proof of Performance


  Hoosier Village Retirement Community was in need of an industrial floor for the new community Maintenance Shop. Local builders, Bedrock Builders, were in charge of managing the project and selected Surface Solutions from a connected referral. They needed a partner that could install a durable flooring system. The flooring for the Maintenance Shop was…

The Importance of Flooring Safety in the Food and Beverage Industry

Whether you own a bakery, a meat, seafood or produce processing facility or a dairy plant, your employees are your number one asset. So, shouldn’t you protect them? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), falls are the number one cause of fatalities on the job after transportation-related deaths, which usually occur on…

Demystifying Pervious Concrete

An environmentally friendly paving material, pervious concrete has the same strength as standard concrete while dissipating stormwater runoff and replenishing local watershed systems.   You may have seen a video making the rounds on social media recently for a “new” concrete engineered by our friends at Tarmac. The caption reads, “This new ‘thirsty’ concrete absorbs…