Electronics Industry Floor Solutions

Work environments for the electronic industry are designed to deliver the ultimate in static control. Combined with anti-slip and chemical resistance, dissipative, conductive and antistatic flooring systems meet all of the specialized needs of today’s electronics facilities:

  • Clean Rooms -hygienic floor coatings protect sensitive electronic components
  • Assembly Areas -high gloss, joint-free and self-smoothing floor coatings minimize debris accumulation for dust-free environments that are easy to clean and de-contaminate, strong and durable underfoot
  • Warehousing -industrial warehouse coatings keep floors durable to foot and wheeled traffic

Surface Solutions’ line of anti-static floor coating applications are designed to eliminate electrostatic discharge (ESD), the most important attribute of flooring systems in facilities that use, produce or store sensitive electronic equipment:

  • Seamless, non-porous surface controls dust particle build-up
  • Long-lasting, durable finish
  • Clean easily

Surface Solutions Electronics Industry Projects

When you work with Surface Solutions, you can expect an unprecedented level of service in troubleshooting, planning and installing the right flooring system for your facility. With over 60 years of experience, we have the proven knowledge and expertise to recommend a full line of flooring options, including limitless choices in colors, textures, styles and applications.

Proof of Performance

These recently completed projects illustrate our quality service delivering durable, long-lasting and aesthetically-pleasing floors that exceed customers’ expectations. Contact Surface Solutions today for more information on our complete line of industrial flooring systems.

Proof of Performance


“Our customer is very happy with the easily cleanable, high-gloss flooring surface.” -Amy D. Manghelli, President, Surface Solutions, Inc. After removing carpet from a storage area at their offices, an internet provider located in Indianapolis, Indiana desperately needs the space updated. They call on Surface Solutions Inc. to finish the 3,000-square-foot space. SSI uses a…

What is Conductive Flooring?

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