Midwest Industrial Flooring Solutions

We serve customers all over the United States, and our centralized Indianapolis flooring headquarters offers added convenience to facilities operating in and around the Midwest. Check out some of our recent industrial flooring projects to see where we have worked.


We serve a diverse collection of organizations across Indiana, from food processing and sports venues to healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities. READ MORE


Our proximity to the Chicagoland area offers an advantage when we are estimating costs, conducting tests, and performing surface preparation for a flooring installation. READ MORE


We can provide excellent references from operations throughout the greater Cincinnati area, including food and beverage, energy, life sciences, research, and finance organizations. READ MORE


Our projects in this manufacturing, shipping, and distilling hub include small and medium food and beverage processing facilities all the way up to the 69,000 square foot Stanley Black and Decker manufacturing plant. READ MORE

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3,000 SF of 3/8” Flow Resin HF at Washington, D.C meat processing plant

Surface Solutions installs 3,000 SF of 3/8” Flowcrete HF at a meat processing plant outside of Washington, D.C. READ MORE

Cincinnati Candy Maker

Cincinnati Candy Maker Surface Solutions USA recently completed a 3000 square foot application for a Cincinnati candy maker. The maintenance shop required a white epoxy … READ MORE

Concrete that Heals Itself

Concrete that Heals Itself Out-of-this-world ways to solve one of the flooring and construction industry’s most persistent challenges Grace Cathedral sits atop Nob Hill, on the … READ MORE