Single Source Warranty

Total Customer Satisfaction begins with a Single Source Warranty

A well-crafted warranty will protect the customer’s best interests – not those of the contractor.

Surface Solutions provides customers a comprehensive single source warranty on all installations. The warranty covers both labor and materials against defect. We are a full service installation contractor; the customer has only one number to call should a question or problem arise.

We believe the quality of a flooring solution can best be determined by how the installer is willing to stand behind their product. At Surface Solutions, we recommend a thorough review of warranty documents prior to selecting an installation contractor.

The warranty should not contain any ambiguity on guarantees against product failure. Surface Solutions manufactures and installs epoxy flooring and we are able to offer a single source turn-key warranty against both product and installation issues.

When soliciting bids for an industrial flooring project, it’s very important to verify the length and terms of the warranty. A reputable contractor should be upfront about the ways in which they guarantee the quality of their product.

Prior to implementing a flooring system, Surface Solutions does a complete assessment of the existing surface and recommend the best flooring solution with a detailed breakdown of pricing.

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Surface Solutions provides expert consultation and installation, and a full line of flooring solutions. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every project.