How to Prevent Floor Coating Failures

What causes floor coating failures?

According to decades of case studies documenting floor coating failures, the root cause of this issue is often related to improper preparation or installation of the coating. Some of the more frequent causes of floor coating failure include:

  • Incorrect or poor surface preparation
  • Contaminated concrete
  • Excessive moisture
  • Point load issues
  • Human installation error
  • Poor bond strength
  • Material defects

Despite knowing the causes of floor coating failures, they still often occur because of inexperienced installers, whether because of high employee turnover, taking on a project outside of the installer’s typical scope of work, or poor understanding of the customer’s needs.

How to prevent floor coating failures

To ensure the installation of effective, durable floor coatings, the team you hire should have a thorough understanding of every intricate step and how it should properly be completed before the execution of the project ever actually begins. The key to preventing floor coating failures is training.

A reliable floor installation company will have highly skilled professionals who have studied the discipline and have been trained to properly prepare and install floor coating. Unfortunately, some skilled professionals in the business think they already have all the knowledge they need, so they do not ask questions, seek advice or attend training courses that could cover new information.

Competent, proven training and teamwork are the best way to ensure a successful floor coating project. This way everyone has as much training as possible in the profession, which allows them to make good decisions when handling any problems that could arise. To accomplish this, every professional floor coating installation company should develop a procedures manual, training manual, and project assessment checklist.

The best flooring options

Another important consideration when it comes to preventing floor coating damage is selecting the proper type of flooring for your project. A major factor to consider when making this decision is the cost of maintaining the floor properly during its lifespan.

Additionally, selecting an industrial floor coating can provide weather resistance, fire resistance, personal safety, and marine protection.

Dealing with floor coating failures

If you already have problems with a floor coating failure but do not have the time or budget to install an entirely new floor, Surface Solutions, Inc. has a floor maintenance program where their team of experts will apply urethane concrete flooring as patches to maintain your floor. They’ll do the work and you benefit from the cost effectiveness of a time and materials project. Surface Solutions figures the cost of your flooring maintenance with a per man hour labor rate and a mobilization charge, and you are only charged for the amount of materials, total time of labor, and a trip charge.

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