The Advantages of Antimicrobial Flooring for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

A new antimicrobial solution in hygienic flooring inhibits the growth of potentially dangerous bacteria for the entire life of the floor.


Professionals in the food and beverage industry must consider a number of unique factors when it comes to the design, construction and maintenance of a clean facility. The manufacturing process alone exposes work areas constantly to corrosive by-products such as fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions and natural food acids, which can lead to bacterial growth and contamination, jeopardizing government-mandated food safety standards set for the entire operation.

Food and beverage manufacturers are required to maintain a stringent level of cleanliness, sanitization and contamination control throughout the facility, especially with regard to the floors –a huge responsibility for managers, since just one incident could result in criminal investigations, lawsuits, bad press, loss of consumer confidence or worse: widespread sickness or death, in extreme cases.

In addition to the corrosive ingredients, the rigorous cleaning processes and products that floors must endure, the concrete these surfaces are made from is also subject to usual wear and tear over time. That’s why the best recommendation for protecting an industrial concrete slab floor is a resin flooring system that insures watertight contamination control.

High-performance. Potently Hygienic.

Resin flooring systems offer high performing results by covering the concrete with a seamless, non-porous, easy-to-clean surface that can also guard against employees from slipping –yet another requirement for a processing and packaging facility or kitchen.

And now, select resin flooring systems can also be naturally hygienic, utilizing powerful antimicrobial additives to the polyurethane that inhibit the growth of potentially dangerous bacteria for the entire life of the product.

Why Use an Antimicrobial Flooring System?

Polyurethane flooring systems such as Flowfresh use an effective silver-based antimicrobial additive called Polygiene® that inhibits bacterial growth at the ground level. According the Flowfresh manufacturer Flow Resin North America Inc., the technology is based on the natural ability of silver to stop harmful microbes from growing. The natural amino compound is locked into the matrix of the polyurethane resin material and emits a constant stream of silver ions that destroy bacteria as it settles on the surface of the floor.

Specifically unique to Flowfresh: this ion-emitting process remains active for the entire life of the floor, even when worn or damaged, providing 24/7 protection against harmful bugs including E-coli, MRSA, Salmonella, SARS, C.difficile and others.

Additional advantages include:

USDA approved

Eliminates up to 99.9% of all bacteria, mold and yeasts landing on the surface of the floor

Independently certified as phthalate free

Strong, durable and resilient, appropriate for a variety of flooring applications

Heat resistant, withstanding extreme temperature ranges while in use and during cleaning

Can be steam-cleaned

Resistant to the majority of inorganic and organic acids used in food manufacturing

Withstands chemical attack

Non-slip surfacing adjustable to varying degrees

Long-lasting and attractive

Available in a variety of thicknesses, colors and finishes

Virtually odor free, letting adjacent work areas remain open during installation

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