Truck tank wash bays are among the harshest industrial environments when it comes to exposure to heat, moisture, heavy traffic, and abrasive chemicals. Tank wash flooring installations must incorporate the following elements: 

  • A seamless, hygienic surface that’s significantly less vulnerable to damage
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Resistance to abrasive chemicals 
  • Impact and abrasion resistance suitable for heavy traffic and forklift operation
  • Low odor, fast installation, and fast curing time
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Thermal shock resistant and steam cleanable
  • Resistant to moisture vapor transmission (MVT)
  • Provides an anti-slip surface that meets ADA recommendations
  • Resistant to fungi growth per ASTM G-21

Tank wash flooring

Take a look at these four case studies from tank wash flooring installations completed by Surface Solutions:

Illinois tank wash

Surface Solutions worked over a three-day holiday weekend to install flooring in a 6000 square foot tank wash bay as well as a 1000 square foot boiler room for Kankakee Tank Wash, one of the country’s top tank wash facilities. Surface Solutions first applied a VersaFlex SL/75 joint sealant before applying UCrete UD 200.

Iowa tank wash floor

Surface preparation for this truck tank wash flooring installation included shot-blasting and hand-grinding the bare concrete before applying a resinous polyurethane concrete flooring. Installation for this 1900 square foot facility was completed in one day, allowing our customer to quickly resume operations.

Chicago trench drain repair 

This project involved repairing a trench drain using UCrete RG, a formula specifically designed for vertical applications that provide the protection and chemical resistance required by tank wash facilities. Our flooring technicians removed a section of contaminated concrete before installing the urethane concrete resurfacing. The two  20′x 16″ trenches were completed in two hours and our client resumed operations in eight hours.

Chicago tank wash

Surface Solutions applied UCrete UD200 over this 3500 square foot tanker wash facility, completing the installation in three days. UD 200 (now with enhanced slip resistance) is the ideal chemical resistant flooring solution not only for truck tank wash facilities but also for coolers, freezers, wastewater treatment plants, chemical production and processing facilities,  pulp and paper mills, food processing and pharmaceutical facilities, and anywhere a strong resistance to chemicals is required. 

Ucrete flooring also helps facilities comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations requiring secondary containment systems to prevent chemicals from leaking into the ground and potentially contaminating groundwater. Read more about how the right flooring can prevent environmental issues.

Tank wash flooring from Surface Solutions

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