Food Facility Concrete Resurfacing: Part I

Surface Solutions often performs concrete resurfacing and flooring installations for food processing facilities that have experienced concrete deterioration due to corrosive and acidic substances.

Divert is a company that partners with grocery stores and other retailers to create innovative solutions for reducing food waste, providing tools for food tracking, donating, and recycling. Their facilities each see 20 tons a day of food from various retailers.

The primary foods moving through the facility are organic materials such as fruit and vegetable juices, which are highly acidic in nature and will eat away at exposed concrete. The facility director reported that the concrete flooring at their location had seen extremely bad wear, especially in the bin staging and forklift runway areas. He said the Plymouth, Indiana plant flooring was already showing signs of deterioration a month after their operational startup. Additionally, facility managers in other locations had reported surface moisture that was causing slippery conditions.

Deteriorating concrete due to corrosion from acidic fruits and vegetables.

Food Industry Flooring

Surface Solutions proposed a concrete resurfacing solution for the Indiana facility that would provide immediate slip resistance and reliable protection from acid corrosion. Our team of expert installers is currently resurfacing about 31,500 square feet in the facility’s highest priority zones. This project will be completed in two phases in order to minimize the impact on daily operations. 

A concrete resurfacing project taking place at a food recycling plant.

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