Four Elements of a Slip-Resistant Floor

If your environment is one of heavy vehicle traffic, frequent steam or hot water cleanings, abrasive chemicals, or extreme temperature cycles, you already know that a conventional “slip-resistant finish” won’t last long. Our heavy-duty polyurethane resin technology ensures your industrial slip-resistant floor will hold up under your facility’s harshest abuse, but it’s not just a single layer of protection that provides this type of longevity. Here are four elements of a slip-resistant floor for an industrial environment.

#1 High-Capacity Drainage 

Among the harshest environments where we install industrial flooring are food processing facilities and the washdown facilities for food-grade tankers. These facilities experience frequent cleanings and constant moisture, and a trench drain with sloped flooring ensures staff won’t slip in standing water and other slippery substances. Our technicians can determine the most appropriate type of drain for your facility. 

#2 A Sand Aggregate

A sand or neutral quartz additive ensures not only a textured finish that provides slip-resistant friction but one that won’t wear away over time. And unlike a non-skid paint coating, the sand aggregate does not need to be reapplied periodically.

#3 A Seamless Floor Coating

Perhaps the best, most notable aspect of our flooring is that it’s a seamless, non-porous material that is trowled on and hardens, or cures, quickly. Unlike concrete alone, polyurethane has no seams where bacteria and debris can accumulate, which leaves it more vulnerable to chemical and moisture degradation. It can be easily wiped free of dirt, dust, and debris.

#4 A Durable Topcoat

A polyaspartic or Novolac topcoat provides a durable seal that’s more abrasion-resistant than conventional epoxy and provides an additional layer of protection. Our heavy-duty topcoats hold up well to heat and corrosive chemicals, and they are UV resistant to prevent yellowing and discoloration. 

Slip resistant floor surface

Surface Solutions specializes in installing slip-resistant flooring ideal for blast freezers, chemical processing facilities, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical labs, and dairy, poultry, and meat processing facilities. We can also customize a slip-resistant floor for badly damaged concrete flooring that requires minimal downtime. Call 317-388-8000 or contact us using the form below and tell us about your facility.