Frequently Asked Question: How Long Does Epoxy Last?

How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Last” is one of our most frequently asked questions, and the answer is that it all depends on the application, the environment, and what type of stress the flooring will be subjected to. Surface Solutions specializes in heavy-duty industrial and commercial flooring which often comprises urethane concrete, but we do also install epoxy resin flooring for applications where it makes sense. Because we perform a complete evaluation of your facility and flooring needs, we’re able to determine the best solution for your business rather than installing the same material for every facility. 

Here are a few facilities where we’ve installed epoxy and why we choose those particular formulas. (See our infographic: Ucrete vs. Epoxy)

Epoxy Flooring Systems 

how long does epoxy last?

Milwaukee Distribution Center

This distribution facility flooring had a number of potholes and other deteriorated areas that required the removal of existing concrete, grinding, and smoothing in order to provide an ideal surface for new flooring installation. We installed a combination of epoxy formulas totaling 22 millimeters in thickness and topped it off with a corporate logo graphic and a glossy finish.

Indianapolis Manufacturing Facility 

Surface Solutions often implements a hybrid flooring solution utilizing both the aesthetic properties of epoxy combined with the durability of urethane concrete for a flooring system that’s both attractive and long-lasting. There are many ways to accomplish this, but at Bare Feet Manufacturing, we installed a three-coat epoxy/urethane coating system that’s seamless, attractive, environmentally friendly, and UV and impact-resistant. 

Indianapolis Surgical and Exam Room

At Bosma Enterprises in Indianapolis, we installed a 3-coat epoxy system with a urethane topcoat, adding crushed aluminum oxide to the urethane for abrasion and slip resistance.

Cincinnati Meat Processor 

For this meat processing facility in Cincinnati, our experts installed another hybrid solution to provide an attractive finish with a vapor barrier to protect against moisture. Our custom high-build flake epoxy layer is durable and attractive, and a polyaspartic topcoat provides additional UV and chemical resistance. 

Epoxy can be a long-lasting solution for both commercial and high-performance industrial floors. We install epoxy layers in warehousing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and food and beverage facilities. An epoxy floor coating that protects concrete floors can provide an attractive and durable surface that solves most challenges of industrial environments.

At Surface Solutions, Inc., we have decades of experience in both epoxy and urethane concrete flooring systems. We can guide you through the process of choosing the right kind of epoxy or epoxy-urethane blend that’s proven to last years longer than concrete alone, and our team of experts will carefully prepare the substrate to provide the optimal foundation for your flooring installation. Let us design a customized solution for your facility – use the form below or call us at 317-388-8000.


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