Urethane Concrete Flooring | Kentucky Food Production Facility

Urethane concrete flooring transformed an existing section of this facility into the attractive and durable green food production floor you see below. Our customer, a Kentucky custom sauce manufacturer, needed the area to withstand the constant demands of a food production environment, and also required the addition of a trench drain.

Urethane Concrete Flooring in the Color Green

Our expert floor installers began by grinding off the existing delaminated epoxy flooring and then sloped the floor at  1/8” per foot to manage the flow of water and ensure the floor stays clean, dry, and free from the hazards of standing water. We then trowled this lovely green urethane concrete flooring and also installed a 3” cant cove, ensuring a seamless seal around the perimeter of the room.

Green urethane concrete flooring installed in a food processing facility

Surface Solutions specializes in installing seamless, durable flooring surfaces in food and beverage production facilities in the Midwest and across the country. We have experience preparing concrete surfaces that are damaged and cracked from weather and corrosive chemicals to ensure the longest-lasting, most reliable flooring possible. Ask us how we can transform your facility’s flooring into a safe and attractive surface – and if green isn’t your thing, we have many other colors to choose from. Call for a quote today.


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