Choosing a flooring contractor is a huge undertaking. You want to know that you are getting qualified and experienced professionals who will support you as you make flooring decisions that will affect your workplace or facility for years to come.

This is why you need to be willing to ask questions and why you need to know a few things that many flooring contractors are reluctant to disclose. Read on for the top four things most flooring contractors won’t tell you about floor coatings:

Credentials and certifications are important:

You wouldn’t outsource your open-heart surgery to someone who was pretty good with a scalpel but wasn’t actually a doctor, would you?

At Surface Solutions, we take our certifications seriously. Our team of industrial flooring specialists takes pride in the fact that we have been the recipient of the prestigious UCRETE Master Contractor Award for the past nine years.

This award is “limited to the best installers in the industry who consistently provide customers with optimal flooring solutions and quality service in partnership with Master Builders Solutions (Previously part of BASF Chemicals).

We are also certified by the following manufacturers to install their products: Koster American, Key Resin ( Flow Resin Star Contractors), and Versaflex.

There is no such thing as a perfect floor:

Anyone who tells you differently is making unrealistic promises that will not be kept. Minor imperfections show up on most jobs; however, these are not noticeable. We specialize in seamless resinous polymer systems that utilize the most advanced materials and most trusted brands in the industry.

The fact that we approach each flooring project individually to ensure customized problem assessment, quality installation, customer satisfaction, and repeat business should set your mind at ease. Most importantly, know that all installations include a complete single-source warranty nationwide. Yes, it is true that there is no such thing as the perfect floor — but we are as close to the platonic  ideal of perfection as you are going to get in a flooring solution.

We are not the right fit:

Some contractors plunge in and accept any job offered to them, which is not beneficial for the customer or the contractor. Surface Solutions has the experience to be able to advise you realistically and knowledgeably. We will work with you to correctly define the specific challenges of your work environment to determine the best solution for your flooring needs. We can create a custom quote for your next industrial flooring project within 72 hours of a site visit.

Industrial floors don’t last forever:

Don’t believe any contractor who tells you that they do. Let’s face it: nothing lasts forever (ok, some of those mosaic floors at Pompeii have survived for almost 2,000 years, but they were covered in volcanic ash). Typically, epoxy floors last 10-20 years (longer if they are in low traffic areas), but if a topcoat is in place, we can sand and recoat with urethane or polyaspartic as a “refresher” to bring it back to life.

Surface Solutions is the most knowledgeable, experienced resource on the market.

Don’t let the wide array of resinous flooring solutions overwhelm you. There are a variety of solutions for any specific need, budget, or timeframe. Let the experts help you make the right decision.

Surface Solutions provides the most knowledgeable and experienced resinous flooring guidance and specifications available. You don’t have to do this alone. Visit us on the web or call us at 317-388-8000 to get started today.


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