UCrete Flooring | Indiana Tank Wash Facility Resurfacing

Once our clients see the quality workmanship of Surface Solutions combined with the durability of Ucrete flooring, they often come back for resurfacing of additional areas in need of work. Surface Solutions recently completed three tank wash bays and drain pits for a repeat client at their Indiana tank wash facility. We performed this work in phases in order to accommodate the facility’s demanding operating schedule.

Surface Preparation: Grinding and Shot-Blasting

Our installers removed the existing delaminated epoxy mortar with hand-held demolition hammers before grinding and shot-blasting the substrate in order to provide a smooth surface ideal for a Ucrete application. This step is key in providing the longest-lasting floor coating possible. 

UCrete Flooring

Ucrete UD200 is a heavy-duty, chemical-resistant, antimicrobial urethane concrete flooring system that provides a long-lasting and slip-resistant finish. It is ideal for tank wash facility operations because of its resistance to thermal shock, vigorous cleaning, and moisture-vapor transmission.

Drain Pit Rebuilding

Our installers tore out existing eroded steel in the drain pits and rebuilt them with Ucrete RG, a formula specially designed for vertical surfaces. It’s seamless to prevent trapping bacteria and residue, and it’s resistant to heat, moisture, and chemicals, providing a more hygienic and safe trench drain than concrete or metal. 

Epoxy Line Striping

The finishing touches for this project included yellow epoxy safety line striping along the curb areas. 

Ucrete Industrial Urethane Concrete Flooring installed at a tank wash facility in Indiana


UCrete UD200, Ucrete RG


Food & Beverage




5,050 SF


15 Days

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