What is resinous flooring?

Resinous flooring can be an excellent solution for your industrial and commercial flooring needs. The basic definition is resinous material applied to a substrate (such as concrete) to create a seamless, non-porous finish. It has many characteristics that make it an ideal and adaptable choice for various applications, and it can be customized, both for improving safety and attractiveness.   

What are the components of resinous flooring? 

Resinous flooring is typically made up of a few basic layers. The first layer is the substrate or base substance to which the resin is applied. In most commercial and industrial applications, this would be concrete. The next layer is often a primer to create a strong seal between the substrate and the poured resin. After that is the body coat of resin material. Then comes a layer to create texture or other substances to change the appearance of the finish. Finally, a layer to seal everything is applied to ensure protection. Not every resinous flooring job will have all layers. It all depends on the specifications of the job and the resinous flooring technology being used. 

Why should resinous flooring be used?  

Resinous flooring is a popular choice for commercial and industrial flooring because it offers a long list of beneficial characteristics. Some of these include: 

  • A seamless finish, which avoids cracks and crevices that can collect debris, chemicals, and bacteria
  • A flexible fit because the finish can be poured to cover even tight spaces
  • The ability to resist chemicals, promoting easy cleanup and avoiding chemical buildup in the flooring
  • A durable surface that can withstand intense wear and tear without a need for additional maintenance
  • Reduced downtime in many cases so operations can resume quickly 
  • Enhanced safety with customizable surface textures
  • Easy to clean and maintain a hygienic environment

How can my flooring be customized?

Resinous flooring can be customized both for appearance and safety. To customize your finish, you can: 

  • Choose a color for your flooring
  • Select a texture to promote safety, such as anti-slip
  • Create a finish that meets rigorous industry standards and requirements by choosing a unique resinous flooring technology

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