Surface Preparation

A critical step in a successful industrial flooring installation is the expert preparation of the substrate surface for the application of the flooring system. The long life of your new floor depends on it. By preparing the surface with the right amount of profile or tooth, we can ensure a proper bond of the coatings to the substrate, extending your floor’s strength, durability and beauty.

Surface Solutions considers a number of factors when determining the type of surface preparation required for the installation of your industrial flooring:

  • Surface type- mostly concrete, or aluminum, galvanized and ferrous metal or steel
  • Facility environment- including temperature, moisture, traffic and cleaning schedule
  • Flooring system or coating selection- compliance with manufacturer’s specifications
  • State of contamination- all surfaces must be clean and free of dirt, rust, sealers, loose paint, glossy coating, chemicals, grease, oil and other contaminants prior to the application of a new flooring system

Surface Solutions’ flooring specialists get to work removing, dulling, spot-priming and cleaning the existing surface using a variety of preparation techniques and equipment:

Cutting – Specialized saws for cutting masonry and other materials are used for decorative concrete cuts including arcs, cleanout for tuckpointing, routing out cracks and joints and other applications.

Shot Blasting  – Shot blasting is a cost-effective, labor and time-saving method for preparing concrete and steel surfaces. This process strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously, leaving the surface ready for the bonding process without additional drying time and costly disposal. Different surface profiles are achieved by varying shot size, shot flow rate and machine travel speed.

Grinding & Polishing – Planetary grinders, diamond grinders and polishers are used to quickly cut through heavy, built-up adhesives, elastomeric coatings and waterproof membranes, remove surface imperfections, coatings or residues, mastics, epoxies, urethane or paint, smooth or flatten concrete slabs and prep concrete for decorative applications. Especially useful when applying thin coatings, grinding machines also polish concrete to a high shine and restore old slabs for architectural finishes such as staining or densifying.



Scarifying – Used for concrete, asphalt and steel surfaces, scarifiers use steel or carbide tipped cutters to fracture an existing coating or abrade the surface, removing oil, contaminants, traffic lines or paint.

Scraping & Stripping – Ride-on scraping machines remove tile, mortar and grout beds, tough mastics, adhered membranes and floor coverings. Different scraping teeth remove everything from carpet to tile, wood to VCT and more.

Dust Collection – Dust collectors and vacuums are designed for surface preparation projects and reduce airborne dust and particulate for a cleaner, safer work environment.

Surface Solutions enjoys mutually beneficial partnerships with exceptional equipment suppliers to ensure customized surface preparation, including:

  • HTC, witha complete range of floor grinding machines, including high-performance planetary grinders, dust extractors and diamond tools for effective surface preparation and polishing
  • Novatek Corporation, a leading designer and supplier of top-quality surface preparation equipment including hand-held grinders and chisels, Made in the USA with a combined 80 years industry expertise
  • Blastrac®, a global leader in portable surface preparation technologies and equipment including  shot blasting machines (centrifugal wheelblast) and dust collectors, that are environmentally friendly, economical solutions.

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Surface Preparation Guide