Taking the Guesswork Out of Resinous Flooring Selection


Your choices in resinous flooring are nearly limitless. 

This is a good thing because every project is unique, with its own requirements, complications, budget and timeline. 

Regulations, protocols and aesthetic requirements may help you make some selections—but what do you do when you have questions about the best solutions for the rest of your options? Options such as:  

  • Use of urethane, epoxy or MMA.
  • Use of a moisture vapor barrier.
  • Chemical or slip resistance in the topcoat. 
  • Use of waterproofing. 
  • Thermal shock protection. 

No matter your trade area, Surface Solutions can help you answer these questions on any timeframe and budget. 

Assisting Architects in Specification Writing 

Using guesswork when writing specifications for resinous flooring can waste a lot of time responding to RFIs and answering bids with a range of flooring systems and pricing. That’s why Surface Systems is here to help you write the specifications, saving time and allowing you to establish your bids knowledgeably. 

Surface Solutions helps by:  

  • Analyzing construction documents.
  • Review the details for drains, transitions, concrete pads and more. 
  • Advising on a variety of resinous flooring requirements.  

Providing End Users With the Advice They Need

No one understands the infinite possible requirements of a flooring system quite like the end users—facility owners and managers. A kitchen is different from a bathroom, and a bathroom is different from a warehouse floor. The people who use the flooring every day are most familiar with the unique problems they face. 

Surface Solutions can assist end users in: 

  • Specifying facility flooring needs according to usage. 
  • Providing technical support before and after installation. 
  • Providing a range of system options based on budget and timeline. 
  • Providing guidance on experienced installers near you. 

For example, when one industrial organic produce grower and processor needed flooring for a mushroom growing room during the COVID-19 pandemic, Surface Solutions was ready to help. We installed a urethane concrete floor with our specialized SS 707 topcoat in safety yellow. The customer was thrilled with the results and the efficiency of the crew. 

A Resource for Flooring Contractors 

As a flooring contractor, you’re one of the experts. So who’s left to turn to when you have questions about a particularly stubborn resinous flooring situation? 

Surface Solutions provides top-tier guidance to flooring contractors in order to solve difficult, unusual and complex scenarios. Never leave a question unanswered again. We can help with: 

  • Evaluation of the base substrate (site surveys).
  • Core testing for ionic compounds.
  • Determining approved systems on a variety of budgets and timelines.
  • Technical support before, during and after installation. 

For example, the team at Reading Rock Building Materials and Services were looking for a flooring system that would check all the following

  • Long-lasting durability.
  • Slip resistance.
  • Chemical resistance.
  • Abrasion resistance. 
  • Rapid turnaround time. 

In 1.5 days, Surface Solutions helped Reading Rock transform a 1,200 square foot floor and wall with Ucrete UD 200, meeting all of the requirements. 

Surface Solutions Is the Most Knowledgeable, Experienced Resource on the Market 

Don’t let the wide array of resinous flooring solutions overwhelm you. There are a variety of solutions for any specific need, budget or timeframe. Let the experts help you make the right decision. 

Surface Solutions provides the most knowledgeable and experienced resinous flooring guidance and specifications available. You don’t have to do this alone. Visit us on the web or call us at 866-858-4080 to get started today.