Strict Guidelines for Cleanliness in Food and Beverage Production Facilities

In January of 2011, President Barack Obama signed into the law the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).¹This legislation is a sweeping reform of food safety regulations designed to keep the United States food supply safe from contamination. Food and beverage production facilities must adhere to strict guidelines of cleanliness and safety in order to comply with federal guidelines. In order to meet these important guidelines what characteristics are important when choosing a flooring surface?

  • Easy to clean Epoxy flooring, methyl methacrylate and polyurethane flooring systems are seamless and have a durable finish. Dust and other contaminates are easily cleaned from these flooring surfaces.
  • Chemical Resistant A non-porous surface is vital in any food or beverage production facility. Oils, chemicals, solvents and water can all damage concrete flooring surfaces allowing contaminates to penetrate the flooring sub-surfaces.
  • Slip-Resistant Safety is important in any manufacturing facility. A slip resistant surface in addition to being free from cracking and erosion are very important factors when choosing a flooring surface.

Epoxy resinous and urethane flooring surfaces create a clean, safe and easy to maintain flooring surface. Surface Solutions, an Indianapolis based flooring contractor has installed hundreds of flooring systems in the food and beverage industry. Our consultants will thoroughly examine your existing or new construction flooring surface to ensure it meets or exceeds federal guidelines for cleanliness and safety. Safety violations can be costly and delay production in your facility.