Tru-Flex has more than six decades’ experience designing and manufacturing flexible metal hose. Known for innovative design, best-in-class engineering resources and an unwavering commitment to quality, customer service and on-time delivery, the folks at Tru-Flex know an expert industrial flooring company when they see one – and especially when they need one to fix a failing floor in the Lab.

Enter Surface Solutions, Inc.

Eight-thousand-square feet of bare concrete and existing UCRETE DP flooring is prepared mechanically in advance of multi-layered application of Surface Solutions-branded Fast Set Pigmented Primer (SS 181LVP) and Fast Set Pigmented Epoxy (SS 181). Aesthetically, for a “full flake floor effect,” Broadcast Blended Vinyl Chips are applied to Rejection and protected with Surface Solutions’ UV-Stable Clear Polyaspartic Top Coat. The entire project is completed ahead of schedule – in just three days.


SS 181LVP, SS 181




West Lebanon, IN


Tru-Flex | Flexible Exhaust Products


8,000 SF


3 Days

Durable, Attractive, Easy to Maintain Floors

Epoxy floorings and coatings installed by Surface Solutions are so strong, they will stand up to the most demanding industrial environments while protecting facility surfaces, factory machinery and personnel from wear, chemicals, UV light, moisture, accidents and more.

Epoxy is typically made up of two main components: 1) resin and 2) hardener. When they are mixed together, the chemical reaction forms a rigid plastic material that is strong and resistant to wear. It also bonds extremely well to most any surface. To install, epoxy floor coating contractors apply multiple layers of epoxy resin to the concrete substrate floor at different thicknesses.

Benefits of Epoxy Floorings and Coatings for Concrete

Hard wearing, durable solutions for both commercial and high performance industrial facilities, epoxy floorings and coatings are ideal for use in warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing buildings, food and beverage plants, laboratories, industrial manufacturing facilities and others.

  • Easy to clean, seamless and non-porous. Epoxy has no seams where bacteria and debris can accumulate and can be easily wiped free of dirt, dust and debris. Epoxy concrete floors withstand the extreme temperatures of wash-downs and steam cleaning.
  • Exceptionally durable and long-lasting. Epoxy flooring systems protect concrete substrate slabs, transforming them with a high-performance surface resistant to moisture that will last for years to come.
  • Attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Epoxy dries to a high gloss shine and is available in a variety of colors, textures and applications such as solid colors and decorative additives that can beautify a variety of working environments.
  • Chemically resistant.Epoxy floorings and coatings protect concrete from aggressive chemicals, acids, alkalis and solvents that destroy the surface, the underlying materials and can even penetrate ground water.
  • Improves safety in the workplace. Concrete floor epoxy ensures slip, impact, heat and fire resistance. In addition, high gloss floor coatings can also improve brightness in a work area by as much as 300 percent.
  • Withstands impact from high traffic.Use different colors and textures of epoxy flooring systems to define safety zones, foot traffic zones, forklift zones and work zones. Epoxy floors reduce wear on transport vehicles, allow for faster material movement, increase productivity and prevent wear and damage to the floor.
  • Quick, easy application. Because concrete epoxy flooring is self-leveling, installation specialists in high performance industrial flooring can apply an epoxy floor coating quickly over any new or existing concrete.
  • Affordable, cost efficient. Epoxy concrete flooring and finishes offer durable, hard wearing surfaces that quick to install, require little maintenance and last for years at a price that won’t break the construction budget.

Protect Floors from Yellowing

In addition, UV-resistant flooring from Surface Solutions is formulated to reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on surfaces that are exposed to direct sunlight. Floors using UV-resistant solutions are also resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals and frequent temperature changes.


Recognized as a top UCRETE® Master Contractor since 2012, Surface Solutions, Inc. is an independent industrial floor contractor specializing in seamless, polymer flooring systems utilizing the most trusted brands in the industry. From testing to consultation and complete installation services, Surface Solutions USA is your premiere source of non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly flooring systems, offering turnkey installations using only in-house personnel. All installations come with a complete single source warranty. To learn more about how Surface Solutions USA can help provide the highest quality industrial flooring solutions for your business, contact us today!