Pharmaceutical Industry Floor Solutions

To ensure the safe, sanitary, germ-free requirements of pharmaceutical laboratories, a hygienic flooring and wall system is the right flooring solution for all work areas:

  • Clean Rooms & Laboratories -high gloss and wall coatings eliminate cracks and crevices where dirt and dust can accumulate, de-contaminate easily and stay clean; antistatic flooring protects sensitive electronic components
  • Production -seamless, electrostatic resistant surfaces maintain sterile processing environments at the highest possible levels of cleanliness
  • Assembly Areas –industrial floors with high mechanical, chemical and impact resistance and low, easy-to-clean maintenance keep operations on schedule
  • Solvent Storage –flooring that is resistant to cracking and corrosion minimize any risk of explosion

The foundation for a clean and sanitary environment is Surface Solutions’ flooring and systems specially formulated for pharmaceutical production and research facilities:

  • Exceptionally durable
  • Resists moisture, chemicals and other contaminants
  • Provides sanitary levels of cleanliness
  • Easy to maintain

Surface Solutions Pharmaceutical Industry Projects

When you work with Surface Solutions, you can expect an unprecedented level of service in troubleshooting, planning and installing the right flooring system for your facility. With over 60 years of experience, we have the proven knowledge and expertise to recommend a full line of flooring options, including limitless choices in colors, textures, styles and applications.

Proof of Performance

These recently completed projects illustrate our quality service delivering durable, long-lasting and aesthetically-pleasing floors that exceed customers’ expectations. Contact Surface Solutions today for more information on our complete line of industrial flooring systems.

Proof of Performance

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