[Infographic] Cost Comparison of Industrial Flooring Over 20 Years

With one look, this helpful tool details the cost of maintaining comparable flooring options over time.

Surface Solutions receives many requests from customers to help them choose an appropriate high performance industrial flooring system for their facility. Regardless of the type of business – food and beverage, chemical processing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, electronics, brewing or wine-making, retail and more,  several factors influence our final recommendation, including the cost of maintaining the floor properly during its lifespan.

  • Urethane Concrete/Cement
  • Thin Film
  • Polished Concrete
  • Broadcast Floor System
  • Slurry Filled Epoxy System
  • Mortar Overlay System

Surface Solutions has developed a quick-look scale that illustrates the lifespan of six different flooring systems and the costs associated with keeping each one in tip-top shape, including when a new floor will be needed. Armed with this information and our expert advice, you will be able to make an informed decision with ease.

Full Service Installation, Single Source Warranty

When you are ready to implement any kind of flooring system, Surface Solutions does a complete assessment of the existing surface and recommends the best flooring solution with a detailed breakdown of pricing. Other services include:

Concrete testing – if required, Surface Solutions offers a complete concrete testing service to determine what elements can lead to the failure of your new industrial flooring surfaces

Surface preparation – taking into consideration every factor that determines the most effective type of surface preparation required for the installation of an industrial floor coating

Full service installation – completed by expert technicians trained in the proper installation of resinous flooring systems

Comprehensive single source warranty – covers both labor and materials against defect. This is one of the ways we guarantee the quality of our work.


Recognized as a top UCRETE® Master Contractor since 2012, Surface Solutions, Inc. is a women-owned independent industrial floor contractor specializing in seamless, polymer flooring systems utilizing the most trusted brands in the industry. As a Flowcrete STAR Contractor, Surface Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of industrial flooring solutions for the Food & Beverage industry. From testing to consultation and complete installation services, Surface Solutions is your premier source of non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly flooring systems, offering turnkey installations using only in-house personnel. All installations come with a complete single source warranty. To learn more about how Surface Solutions can help provide the highest quality industrial flooring solutions for your business, contact us today!