Benefits of Heavy Duty Iron Filled Urethane Floor Systems

Surface Solutions installs top-rated iron aggregate urethane concrete flooring systems that improve your workplace.

For an industrial facility with floors that must tolerate a great deal of weight, impact and traffic, the need for constant resurfacing can be costly. Continually moving machinery like forklifts increase the wear on concrete, resulting in erosion, crumbling surfaces, holes created from impacts and safety hazards. Regular concrete flooring cannot stand up to this abuse without a robust maintenance schedule for resurfacing.

Often, companies that use regular concrete or tile flooring are unaware of how much products like Ucrete IF and Flowcrete IF can radically improve their workplace. Concrete flooring systems like UCRETE® IF and Flowcrete Flowfresh® IF are specially designed for surfaces exposed to extreme work conditions. The “IF” stands for “iron filled,” which means metal aggregates are added to help the flooring withstand exceptionally heavy traffic, stress, impacts and abrasion.  As a top UCRETE® Master Contractor and Flowcrete STAR Contractor, Surface Solutions has been installing these flooring systems for years with great success. With these products, our expert installers can truly make a facility’s crumbling unattractive floors look like new.

Polyurethane concrete and seamless resin flooring systems that contain metal aggregates are ideal solutions for working environments found in the food and beverage industry -including, meat, poultry and seafood processing, dairies, bottling plants and breweries- as well as the pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. Commercial kitchens, restaurants, freezers and coolers also benefit from this type of flooring.

Benefits of Iron Filled Urethane Concrete Flooring Systems

  • Withstand exceptionally heavy traffic, stress, impacts and abrasion
  • Resist organic and inorganic acids
  • Exceed typical epoxy overlays in performance; tougher than concrete
  • Dry fast with minimum downtime
  • Are easy to clean and sterilize; steam cleanable
  • Resist high temperatures, up to 250 degrees
  • Have an anti-slip surface
  • Are non-tainting, non-dusting
  • Have minimal or no joints where bacteria can hide
  • Have low odor, VOC-compliant
  • Are solvent-free
  • Are unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles
  • Have thermal expansion is comparable to concrete
  • Can be used indoors and out

Ucrete IF

Ucrete products use a unique polyurethane resin technology that gives floors exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical traffic and thermal shock, providing a long-term, durable flooring solution. Ucrete IF includes a uniquely processed metal aggregate and creates a smooth, matte surface. The trowel thickness is determined by the service and cleaning temperatures and the severity of traffic expected.

Unique Benefits of Ucrete IF

  • Provides high level of impact tolerance and abrasion resistance
  • Single lift application
  • Tolerates organic and inorganic acids, alkalis and salts
  • Increases impact and abrasion resistance
  • Withstands wide temperature fluctuations
  • Low odor, VOC compliant
  • Prevents shear at bond line
  • Long –lasting, durable flooring system
  • Proven track record

Flowcrete Flowfresh IF

Flowfresh is a line of HACCP International-certified, antimicrobial-treated cementitious urethane flooring. Flowfresh IF is an exceptionally heavy duty, trowel- applied, iron filled cementitious urethane mortar that provides a durable and finely textured floor finish, which is resistant to heavy impact, thermal shock and moisture vapor transmission.

Unique Benefits of Flowcrete Flowfresh IF

  • Antimicrobial – contains Polygiene®, a natural silver-ion antimicrobial that is homogeneously distributed throughout
  • Chemical Resistant – protects against food by-products, fats, hot oils, blood, sugar and acids
  • Temperature Resistant – suitable for low maintenance steam cleaning and temperatures up to 250°F
  • Slip Resistant – positively textured profile to minimize slip risks in wet or damp areas

Surface Solutions takes into consideration the entire life cycle of your floors to accurately specify the highest quality, most durable and cost-effective flooring solution – matching the various Ucrete and Flowfresh systems to your specific needs, including installation scenario and industry, especially when speed of application and fast return to service are essential.


Recognized as a top UCRETE® Master Contractor since 2012, Surface Solutions is an independent industrial floor contractor specializing in seamless, polymer flooring systems utilizing the most trusted brands in the industry. As a Flowcrete STAR Contractor, Surface Solutions is a leading provider of industrial flooring solutions for the Food & Beverage industry. From testing to consultation and complete installation services, Surface Solutions is your premier source of non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly flooring systems, offering turnkey installations using only in-house personnel. All installations come with a complete single source warranty. To learn more about how Surface Solutions can help provide the highest quality industrial flooring solutions for your business, contact us today!