Heads Up Food & Beverage Facilities Managers – Enhanced Ucrete Flooring Now Available

BASF Master Builders Solutions has released Ucrete® UD200 SR, an updated heavy-duty polyurethane-concrete floor system especially for the food and beverage industry and other industrial flooring applications. UD200 SR has all the advantages of Ucrete UD200 with enhanced slip resistance built in.

“Most of our meat processing customers have switched from UD200 to UD200 SR for the extra layer of safety,” says Amy D. Manghelli, President of Surface Solutions, Inc. “We install BASF product to their specification with great end results.”

Surface Solutions, Inc. is one of only 13 BASF Master Contractors in the U.S. and Canada combined that is recognized as experts in Ucrete and SRS acrylic-based technologies, setting the woman-owned flooring contractor apart from 99% of the competition.

Ucrete UD200 SR Product Benefits

  • Ideal for use in food and beverage facilities
  • HACCP Certified
  • Integral high traction slip resistant texture for increased workplace safety (ANSI/NSFI B101.1 & B101.3)
  • Exceptional impact, wear and chemical resistance
  • Fully resistant to temperatures up to 266°F/130°C
  • Fast curing; floors fully serviceable after 12-24 hours
  • Low odor
  • Available in a variety of colors

Ucrete UD200 SR is a unique, trowel-applied, four-component, heavy-duty, polyurethane-concrete floor finish system with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, high temperatures and heavy impact. Dense and impervious, UD200 SR floors have a textured surface that provides a safe and attractive surface in wet and greasy environments and can be put back into service 24 hours after installation. Surface Solutions can install this ideal floor finish for all wet and dry process applications in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and wherever a robust slip resistant floor is required.

Enhanced Slip Resistance = Extra Safety

UD200 SR is slip resistant in both static and dynamic conditions. Its combination of durability, speed of cure and ease of cleaning with temperature resistance up to 302 °F (150 °C) is a unique solution to meet the high demands of industrial facilities. UD200 SR floors are tolerant of substrate moisture. Rapid curing allows for tight installation schedules and downtime reduction.

Ucrete UD200 SR is installed at a finish thickness of ¼-inch to ½-inch (6–12mm), which is determined by the service and cleaning temperatures and the severity of traffic expected on the floor. UD200 SR is recommended for conditions requiring maximum chemical resistance, slip resistance and cleanability, especially in extreme temperature environments and HACCP-operating facilities. Specific applications include:

  • Meat, poultry and seafood plants
  • Dairy plants
  • Beverage and bottling facilities
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Commercial kitchens and restaurants
  • Chemical processing plants
  • And freezers and coolers

UD200 SR can be used in interior and exterior applications and is available in a variety of colors, including Red, Gray, Cream, Blue, Green and Charcoal.


Recognized as a top BASF Performance Flooring Master Contractor since 2012, recognized as experts in Ucrete® and MasterTop® solutions, Surface Solutions, Inc. is a women-owned independent industrial floor contractor specializing in seamless, polymer flooring systems utilizing the most trusted brands in the industry. As a Flowcrete STAR Contractor, Surface Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of industrial flooring solutions for the Food & Beverage industry. From testing to consultation and complete installation services, Surface Solutions is your premier source of non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly flooring systems, offering turnkey installations using only in-house personnel. All installations come with a complete single source warranty. To learn more about how Surface Solutions can help provide the highest quality industrial flooring solutions for your business, start your free custom quote.