Completed in time for our customer to be up and running on Monday morning.

Middletown, Indiana-based Holic Foods produces clean label, all-natural foods that “taste so good they are naturally addictive.” Founders Tonio and Frances Torres have grown their small-batch food production beyond their home kitchen to include co-packing services for existing companies and full consulting services for food entrepreneurs from an automated 35,000-square-foot facility.

Over a two-day weekend, Surface Solutions diamond-grinds the existing sealer off 1,500 square feet of rough concrete in a washroom and cooler, then prefills all the voids in the surface with Ucrete DP. The newly prepped floor is resurfaced with Ucrete DP at 3/8-inch thickness and broadcast using 2040 Sand to rejection. Our expert installers topcoat the floor with our Surface Solutions-branded SS253 Novolac in medium gray color, for excellent chemical resistance.

The folks at Holic Foods are up and running by Monday morning, with no downtime.


BASF UCRETE® DP | SS253 Novolac


Food and Beverage


Middletown, Indiana


Holic Foods


1,500 SF


2-Day Weekend

Benefits of the Ucrete DP Systems

This four component polyurethane concrete slurry broadcast aggregate system is ideal for resurfacing industrial flooring and comes in three types: Ucrete DP Basecoat B4, B6 and B9. Installed at thicknesses from 1/8-inch to ¼-inch (4-6mm), depending on the service and cleaning temperatures and expected traffic, Ucrete DP floors have a toughness that exceeds that of typical concrete, including thermal stability, slip resistance as well as excellent impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Ucrete DP systems are recommended for use in areas where severe conditions exist, such as high impact pressure, thermal shock and chemical exposure in food and beverage facilities, freezers and coolers, food warehouses, meat, poultry and dairy plants, bottling facilities, food packing and canning plants as well as pharmaceutical facilities.

What Ucrete DP Systems Do For Your Floor

Ucrete DP systems with a top coat of SS253 Novolac have a proven track record:

  • Improves safety, especially in wet areas
  • Takes continuous hot water cleaning
  • Is VOC-compliant and has low odor
  • Speeds application time
  • Handles heavy traffic
  • Exceeds thermal shock resistance of typical epoxy overlays
  • Accelerates work schedules
  • Tolerates organic and inorganic acids, alkalis and salts
  • Reduces shear at bond line

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