Biofuel Recycling Facility | Ucrete IF flooring | Case Study

Six hundred square feet of Ucrete IF (iron-filled) flooring was installed and ready for use just 24 hours after application at this Northern Illinois biofuel recycling facility. Its quick turnaround time and resistance to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures make Ucrete IF an ideal flooring solution for chemical processing facilities.


Ucrete IF

Ucrete IF flooring is an iron aggregate, heavy-duty polyurethane hybrid flooring system with an impact tolerance and abrasion resistance essential for harsh work environments. Not only does it tolerate harsh chemicals (salts, acids, and alkalis), it also provides long-lasting resistance to thermal shock, withstanding temperatures from 5°- 158°F (-15°- 70°C). Furthermore, it provides a safe, slip-resistant texture. 

Project overview

We began by using a concentrated microbial cleaner to degrease the floor. We then installed the UCrete IF flooring in just two days. Ucrete IF doesn’t require priming or sealing the substrate, and it’s installed in a single application. Additionally, the fast curing time enabled this walkway to be fully serviceable in just one day. 


Ucrete IF


Chemical processing


Northern Illinois




2 Days

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