Manufacturing Facility | Cincinnati | Ucrete RG

Surface Solutions recently completed a UCrete RG wall resurfacing job for a parts manufacturer in Cincinnati. Concrete walls that included an emergency eyewash station were exposed to impact and moisture and had begun to crack, pit, and wear. 

UCRETE® RG  is an extremely durable urethane concrete solution designed especially for vertical surfaces such as cove bases, curbing, and walls. It withstands heavy traffic, harsh chemicals, and moisture more effectively than concrete alone. And because it can be applied directly over existing concrete without priming or sealing, it’s ready for action in under 24 hours.

This is an ideal solution for manufacturing facilities because it ensures a seamless transition from floor to wall and protects walls from impact, chemical attack, and vigorous cleaning.


Ucrete RG




Cincinnati, OH


Parts Maker


950 SF 


1 Day

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